Ticket Giveaway: SA Premier of Humanity Stoked, a documentary about skateboarding, art, life and giving back

Mar 17, 2023 | Adrenalin, Alternative Music, Community, Creativity, Culture, Eco activism, Events, Legends, Music, Punk Rock, Skateboarding, Social Activism, womens skateboarding

Pioneering skateboarding legend Tony Alva has plenty to say about how modern society has its priorities all wrong in ‘Humanity Stoked’.

blunt mag and Wavescape Surf and Ocean Festival have two sets of two tickets to give away to the SA premier of Humanity Stoked, a documentary about skateboarding, art, life and giving back, among other topics.

Directed by Michael Cohen, Humanity Stoked is an American social commentary film featuring some of the most iconic skateboarders, surfers, artists and freethinkers in the world. 

The documentary includes the likes of skateboarders like Tony Alva, Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Lizzie Armanto, Paul Rodrigues, Nyjah Huston, Vanessa Torres, Chris Cole, Brian Anderson, Tyshawn Jones, Christian Hosoi, Chad Muska, Peggy Oki, Steve Olson, Bam Margera, Ray Barbee and includes the likes of Neil de Grasse Tyson, José González, Chuck Treece, Chris Dyer and Glen E. Friedman and tons more surfers, artists, activists and amazing humans.

To win tickets to the SA Premier in Cape Town next week, check out the Humanity Stoked trailer on YouTube (link below) and answer the following question:

Failure only exists when you ____ __ ? (Clue: P-Rod says it in the trailer)

Email your answer to hello@bluntmagza.com

Video link below.



US, 2023, 94min

Director: Michael Cohen

The Labia Theatre, Cape Town, 

18:00 Saturday 25 March

Humanity Stoked is an experiment into how humanity can move forward, as espoused by the world’s most iconic skateboarders, activists, scientists, artists, musicians, and educators all unified by unique experiences and perspectives shaped by their love of skateboarding. 

The film depicts how we can peacefully, openly, and intelligently advance humanity into the future. Conversations range from human rights and LGBTQ rights to racial equality. The protagonists speak of how we teach children about fear, environmental protection, giving back, and the value of science, art and music in education and to society. 

There are frank discussions around drug addiction and recovery, and mental health. An inspiring look at how humans can be empathetic to the world around them.

For more info checkout:

Wavescape Film Festival Website

Humanity Stoked Website

Check out the trailer on YouTube:

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